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Conferencing Tip: Mute and Unmute

When you use Copper Conferencing’s On Demand audio conferencing, you can easily mute or unmute during a conference call. If you are the host of the conference call, you can mute or unmute your line only or the lines of all the participants.

To mute your line only: Press *6
To unmute your line only: Press *7

To mute all lines: Press ##
To unmute all lines: Press 99

If you are a participant on a conference call when someone is using Copper Conferencing’s On Demand audio conferencing, you can mute your line at any time.

To mute your line: Press *6
To unmute your line: Press *7

Never put your line on hold
Putting your line on hold will trigger the hold music. Everyone else on the conference call will hear the hold music and know that you’ve disengaged.

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